Recruit for AOPA UK for an Introductory Fee.

It is a sad fact that an estimated 60% of private pilots do not belong to any Organisation representing the interests of General Aviation, protecting their right to fly, in the face of pressure from Airlines wanting to control the Skies and over Regulation by bureaucrats that do not understand GA.

As an Instructor you are in daily contact with Students and Pilots, so in a strong position to influence them to join an Organisation if they are not already a member. Of course we would like AOPA UK to be their chosen organisation.

We therefore see Instructors as potential recruiters for AOPA UK, for which we would pay you an introductory fee. The scheme is simple:

1) It is open to any current Instructor Member of AOPA to register as a recruiter by completing the form below.

2) Once accepted, and as long as you remain a current Instructor Member of AOPA UK, you will receive £50 for every new Pilot or Instructor Member or £30 for every Student who upgrades to a Pilot Member on issue of their Pilot Licence as an Introductory Fee. Payment will be made once membership payment from the new member has been received in full.

3) We will provide you with your registration details and key points about AOPA UK and IAOPA to help you promote AOPA and sign up new Pilot and Instructor members. So long as they provide your details when joining, or upgrading from a Student to Pilot Member, you will receive an introductory fee.

4) As a Recruiter, you are not employed by AOPA UK to make any Introduction and you are responsible for declaring any payments made to you if required fro tax purposes.

5) Any decisions made by the Chairman or AOPA UK in respect of any disputed payment shall be final.

Click here for Registration Form.

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