Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport - GNSS Approach Consultation.




The purpose of this consultation is to provide stakeholders and members of the public an opportunity to express their opinion, comment on the Airspace Change Proposal and for Birghton City Airport Ltd (BCAL) to share information with them.

The ‘Change sponsor’ is Brighton City Airport Ltd and is responsible for the proposal and consultation process, whilst the CAA Safety & Airspace Regulation Group (SARG) is responsible for the Airspace Change Process. Any complaints regarding BCAL’s adherence to the airspace change process should be made to the CAA below.  Any other responses will be referred back to BCAL.

Airspace Regulator (Coordination)
Airspace, ATM and Aerodromes
Safety and Airspace Regulation Group
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway

This proposal will be subject to a 12-week stakeholder consultation commencing 23/02/2017 and finishing 18/05/2017.

All information regarding the airspace change proposal can be found on the aerodrome’s website.

All feedback will be given appropriate consideration and included in the aerodrome’s consultation summary report to be published (on the website) before the formal proposal is submitted to the  CAA . All feedback received will be submitted to the CAA. If you do not want your personal information to be passed to the CAA then please ensure that this is clearly shown/stated in your feedback.

Responses to this proposal may be submitted via the following methods:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Post: Deputy Senior Air Traffic Controller (DSATCO)
Airspace Change Proposal
Brighton City Airport Ltd
Main Terminal Building
Shoreham Airport
BN43 5FF

Planned timetable for the Airspace Change Proposal (ACP):

February 2017  Stakeholders notified of proposal
February 2017  Consultation period commences
May 2017  Consultation period ends
May 2017  Consultation Summary Report issued
June 2017  ACP submitted to the CAA
October 2017  CAA Regulatory decision
December 2017  Implementation of GNSS RNAV LPV Approach Procedures




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