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AOPA Aerobatics Syllabus

The AOPA Aerobatics Certificate Course may only be delivered by current AOPA Corporate members.

You should be provided with a personal copy of the syllabus relevant to the course you are taking:




You may purchase your own copy of each syllabus in either digital PDF format or printed copy, for your own personal reference.

The syllabus may not be made publicly available or copied, in whole or part, for wider distribution in any form.

These publications are NOT reference books or training manuals. The purpose of these publication is to give guidance to pilots who wish to obtain an AOPA Aerobatic Certificate and the EASA AR. The information it contains will also be needed by those Approved Training Organisations and the instructors who intend to supervise this training.

Your syllabus/syllabi will be emailed or posted to you as relevant once payment is confirmed.


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