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Board Director and IAOPA FCL Representative at EASA
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Nick gained his PPL under the tutelage of the late Ron Campbell in 1968, before joining the RAF as a pilot for the following 35 years.  Although most of his flying was on the Vulcan, Phantom and VC10K, after returning from Gulf War 1 he later became an A2 Qualified Flying Instructor on the Bulldog at the University of London Air Squadron. 

This encouraged him to become a civil FI in 1992 and a PPL examiner a few years later.  After gaining A2 QFI and ‘A’ Cat status on the VC10, for some years he was CFI of both the VC10 Training Flight and the Brize Norton Flying Club simultaneously.

In addition to being the Vice Chairman of the AOPA Training Committee, Nick is a Master Air Pilot and Liveryman of The Honourable Company of Air Pilots, formerly the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) , and has for many years been a member of the Guild’s Education and Training Committee.  He is also Chairman of the NPPL Policy and Steering Committee and represents IAOPA at the EASA FCL Partnership Group.

After leaving the RAF in 2003, Nick became a part-time self-employed aviation consultant, working primarily as an air-to-air refuelling subject matter expert on the Airbus A310MRTT mission computer system and associated ground training systems.

After 40 years and almost 10000 hours of flying, in 2008 Nick decided to take a rest from flight instruction and instead to devote his efforts towards guiding AOPA members through the stultifying and often bewildering legislation emanating from EASA. 

Having held instrument flying qualifications continuously since 1971, he is a staunch advocate of the UK IMC rating and works with other aviation organisations, as well as the CAA, in attempting to ensure that current levels of safety enjoyed by UK pilots will continue to be available into the future.

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