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Warton Aerodrome c/o FTI W271F Preston Lancashire PR4 1AX United Kingdom

The BAe (Warton) Flying Club operates out of Blackpool Airport, and has a membership of approximately 100 qualified pilots, and 25 students. High-G, based at Blackpool Airport, hangar the clubs three aircraft that are used by the qualified members for longer duration flights, and touring. Members can fly all year round, the only restrictions being the airport operating hours, and the pilots own qualifications. Membership is open to all British Aerospace staff and relations at the three Warton sites.

The club is a non profit making organisation run solely by its members whose main aim is to make the relatively expensive hobby of flying, affordable to as many people as possible. Our Chief Flying Instructor is Jonathan Gunson (FI), who shares the instructional work load with several other instructors. We also have a resident examiner, Mr. J. Hurrell who, as well as assisting with the day to day instruction, takes our students for their final Flight Test. Student pilots need a minimum of 40 hours training before they can qualify for a pilots licence, though the average is closer to 55 hours, and that time can be broken down into general training, 10 hours of solo flying, 5 hours of instrument training, dual and solo navigation excercises, and the final Flight Test. Ground exams in 6 subjects must also be passed, before the Private Pilots Licence (A) is finally issued.

Our Aircraft:

1 x Cessna 152
2 x Piper Warriors


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