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Seething Airfield Toad Lane Seething Norwich Norfolk NR15 1EL United Kingdom
Phone: 01508 550453
Fax: 01508 550453

Aircraft:- Piper Archer (1), Cessna 172 (1)

Learn to Fly at Seething Thanks to the flying club, many people have been able to realise a dream - to fly! Learning to fly an aeroplane is, perhaps, the ultimate goal for most aviation enthusiasts and we currently have space for new students who want to join us. Learning to fly at Seething is different. We are not a commercial organisation, and we own and operate the airfield we fly from. For this reason there are no landing fees and we don't have to pass on any costly airport fees. That said, all our instructors are fully qualified to the same high standards as commercial schools, the only difference is they are all volunteers. The airfield is also maintained and operated to exacting CAA Standards. There is no additional cost for Ground School as these will also be taken by suitably experienced volunteer members, so once you have become a member you simply pay for the cost of each flight. And finally, you will be joining a friendly social club where, when not flying, you can relax and chat about all things aviation and take part in social activities; and where we would expect you to join in the running and maintenance of the airfield and the club. What is training like? Our main training day Saturday and students normally arrive by 9.30 and may stay most of the day. Your lesson will usually be preceded by a short session in the classroom to discuss the flying lesson. If not flying there will be plenty of opportunity to study at the clubhouse. Ground school forms an important part of training and can be held anytime. The Training Support Manager will normally be around to help you with your studies if the instructor is out flying. As your training progresses you may find yourself arranging training at other times during the week. Home study is an important part of your training but there will always be someone at the end of a phone line to help you out. To begin with you will remain close to the airfield, flying circuits, and generally becoming familiar with handling the aircraft. Once you and your instructor are happy with that you will begin to venture further afield and start to learn the art of VFR navigation. Please use the form below to request more information.

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