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Airfields Help and Advice

The General Aviation Awareness Council (GAAC) is the most representative UK body in General Aviation and is recognised as such by Government, the CAA and others to be the organisation that speaks for General Aviation on planning and environmental issues and we intend to widen our ‘awareness’ campaign to other issues where there is consensus.

Airfields are constantly under threat from planning issues. It may be the airfield itself that is threatened with redevelopment or it could be nearby development such as a wind farm or antenna mast. Applications for airspace restrictions from a regional airport may have a detrimental effect on an existing smaller airfield and the businesses that operate from it.

The UK General Aviation associations, supported by commercial and professional bodies, have established the General Aviation Awareness Council to try to ensure that GA activity in the UK does not decline, while elsewhere, particularly in Europe, its expansion – whether in business flying, pilot training, sport, recreation or other forms – is publicly and privately encouraged. AOPA UK is a member organisation.

The critical factors for the future growth of UK General Aviation are the need for more airfields, strategically sited to serve areas of economic development and enough free airspace in which to operate safely and efficiently.

The objectives of the Council are:

  • to EXPLAIN the nature of the GA Industry
  • to PROMOTE its purpose and value
  • to PROTECT its facilities (e.g. aerodromes)
  • to ENSURE its future

It is vital that AOPA is contacted at an early stage if problems are to be avoided so that we can liaise with the GAAC.

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