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Donations to AOPA

AOPA UK is predominantly funded by our members through membership subscriptions and voluntary donations. We supplement this funding by involvement in funded General Aviation  related projects when the opportunity arises, so these cannot be relied on as a continuing source.

The work we do and services we can provide are limited to our income and the voluntary work of Directors and some members to support AOPA.

Much of our work benefits all of General Aviation even if you are not a member.

Some Pilots who are not members and who only fly few hours a year on a limited budget see the cost of membership as being too high, while other members are not only willing to pay the membership dues but value AOPA more highly and make voluntary donations to us.

If you are in the first category, we would welcome your donation to support our work and help us expand our services  to General Aviation.

If you are already a member, thank you. If you feel that AOPA membership has exceeded your expectations we would also welcome your donation.

To Donate, using GoCardless Instant Bank Payment, please select the amount you would like to donate and complete the GoCardless form with your bank details when you are transferred to it.

AOPA do not hold any of your bank details.

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