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AOPA Business Information

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) UK is the trading name of the British Light Aviation Centre (BLAC) Ltd, a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee and registered in England with Company Number 874355.

In this section we provide information related to AOPA UK.

The Remuneration Committee is an internal Committee to determine the level of Staff Salaries, Pensions, Bonuses and any increases.

Each of the other Committees and Working Groups have specific terms of reference. Each are designed to provide Members with a means to be involved with AOPA.

Committees also provide a platform to invite non-member guests to meetings, e.g. CAA Staff, Aircraft Maintainers , where their presence will be beneficial.

Membership of the Executive Committee is by Invitation from the Chairman, and normally drawn from members of the Committees and Working Groups who have displayed their commitment to AOPA. All Board Members are also members of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members may attend Board Meetings but cannot vote.

All other Committees and Working Groups are open to AOPA Members on request or by invitation.

AOPA UK is a trading name of British Light Aviation Centre Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Click here for the latest set of published accounts for the British Light Aviation Centre Ltd.

All Members can help by raising awareness of AOPA UK with fellow pilots who are not members, and encourage them to join as they are the majority yet benefit from the lobbying work done by AOPA UK and funded by the minority of pilots who are members.

AOPA 2017 AGM, 19th September 2017

Chairman’s Review of the Year

This review covers briefly some of the activities and other aspects regarding the running AOPA as a business, and as an association providing a service to its members.


From the financial accounts ending 31St March 2017, the largest proportion (72%) of AOPA's net income is from the pilot/owner/instructor category. In line with the reducing number of new PPLs issued by the CAA, there has been a small but continuing reduction in this category of membership causing the Executive Committee to bear down continuously on all administrative costs. The Corporate membership has not been similarly affected, in fact, there has been a small increase in income from this source. But, for the first time, income has been boosted by management fees arising from externally funded projects that support the future needs of GA, specifically EVA and GAGA. It is hoped to be able to build up this particular form of income stream in future years.


The largest proportion (47%) of administrative expenditure is on salaries and pension for our permanent staff. We have a dedicated team committed to working together to deliver an efficient service to members. Mandy is Office Manager and also does the book-keeping, and Alina's duties include membership subscriptions. We welcome Alicia who joined us recently. Neil continues to work part-time as required. We were extremely sorry to see Pamela Stephenson retire after many years with AOPA. She started work with us long before I became involved with the association. Henry , who worked in the shop part-time, also leaves us to attend university. Martin, our CEO, has a wide ranging remit and his extensive range of activities is well publicised through "Chief Executive's Diary" in the AOPA magazine. This is now entitled AOPA UK, and is edited by David Rawlings who took over from Ian Sheppard 8 months ago.

Specialist support

AOPA's support of its membership covers many areas, making use of specialist committees and working groups and including access to expert advice on particular problems. The former is provided by the Training Committee, the AOPA members WG and the Maintenance WG. Attending and chairing these meetings relies on the commitment of many members, too numerous to name here, but they all know who they are! Under the purview of the Training Committee are the Flight Instructor Refresher Seminars, and the PPL Ground School, both now held in the AOPA Meeting Room.

50a Cambridge Street

Following on from the inside renovation of AOPA's headquarters building at 50a Cambridge Street to accommodate the shop and the meeting room in the basement, it has been necessary to carry out some urgent repair work on the building exterior, which added significantly to the administrative costs. Some mainly cosmetic work remains to be done, but we are fortunate to be in a position of owning a building that constitutes a significant financial asset.

In conclusion

As Chairman of an association of an extremely supportive membership, backed by a strong and dedicated team of staff and volunteers, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all.

George Done

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