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EASA new Regulation 2015/1088 Minimum Inspection Programme (MIP).

To standardise maintenance programmes for EASA regulated aircraft a new Minimum Inspection Programme (MIP) has been introduced by EASA. This is an amendment to the
Part M regulation and will apply to ELA1 aircraft (Maximum Take-off Mass (MTOM) of 1,200 kg or less and not involved in commercial operations).

Owners can now choose from a number of different aircraft maintenance programmes (AMP).1088 introduces two new options to the existing Part M requirements, one of which is
the MIP, the other is based on manufacturer’s recommendations. (All AMCs which must at least meet the standards of the MIP).

Who this affects:

Initially owners of ELA1 aircraft, Part 145 organisations, Part M Subpart G CAMOs and Part M Subpart F maintenance organisations and Licensed engineers.

The main changes:

  • Owners can self-declare their aircraft maintenance programme
  • Annual inspection and issue of the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) can be done at the same time by the same licensed engineer.
  • Part 145 and Subpart F organisations have additional new privileges


For ELA1 aircraft, the changes came into effect on the 27 July 2015. A template for the new AMP options described above will be available at from Wednesday 28 July 2015.

This may be revised by EASA in September when it is also due to publish acceptable means of compliance and guidance material (AMC and GM). In the absence of current published AMC/GM, the information in the EASA comment response document can be found at CRD 2012-17 (pages 202 to 277).

The introduction of the MIP precedes the new Part M Light regulations that are expected to be adopted in summer 2016. Aircraft owners will then be able to choose either Part M or Part M
light and the MIP will then extend to aircraft between ELA1 (1,200kg) and ELA2 (2000kg).

The CAA will issue further updates in September 2015 on the changes relating to MIP. We will also be providing information on the future of LAMP now that these changes have been published.

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