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Eligibility of Pilots to Conduct Airworthiness Check Flights.

The CAA have published Information Notice IN-2016/081 to advise that the CAA no longer provides briefings to pilots for conducting airworthiness check flights.

The responsibility for deciding when a check flight should be performed as part of the continued airworthiness management of all aircraft belongs with the aircraft owner, maintainer or continuing airworthiness management organisation. Best practice dictates that when it has been determined that a check flight is necessary, a suitably qualified, and experienced pilot should be used.

The CAA no longer briefs pilots for conducting airworthiness check flights. Consequently, when it has been decided that a check flight is needed, arrangements should be in place to ensure that the check flight is carried out safely and in accordance with industry best practice. Information Notice IN-2016/081 describes these alternative measures.

The CAA Check Flight handbook (CAP 1038) will be amended in the near future to reflect the changes detailed in this Information Notice.

Information Notice IN-2106/081 supersedes IN-2014/052.

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