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Medical Self-declaration Update.

It is clear that there has been considerable negative reaction to the change from the NPPL Medical Declaration system to the CAA’s new ‘self-declaration’ system.  This is because existing NPPL holders with certain medical conditions, instead of seeing their familiar GP (who has their complete medical history) for revalidation of their medical declarations, would now have to see an AME and obtain a LAPL medical with restrictions. 

However, the CAA have advised AOPA that there has been a significant change!  The new self-declaration form is at and the major change is in the following section, which applies to legacy UK PPLs and NPPLs.  It also applies to Part-FCL licences but only for non-EASA aircraft:


To Only Fly an Aircraft of 2000kg MTOW or Less


You may fly an aircraft of 2000kg or less, provided you are not taking medication for any psychiatric illness, by declaring your fitness to fly by ticking the ‘no greater than 2000kg’ declaration at the end of this form.


If you are taking medication for a psychiatric illness you must consult a UK-certificated CAA Aeromedical Examiner (AME) as outlined in the ‘To Fly any Aircraft up to 5700kg’ paragraph below.


In addition, CAP1441 has been corrected and re-issued at .


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