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CAA - UK Airspace Change Process Consultation Response.

The CAA have published their response to the UK Airspace Change Process Consultation that closed in June 2016.

The purpose of this consultation was for the CAA to learn your views on some changes they were considering making to their airspace change decision-making process. Their stated objective is to optimise their process to ensure that all stakeholders are adequately consulted as part of a transparent, proportionate process. The process should be impartial and evidence-based, and should take proper account of the needs and interests of all affected stakeholders.

There were 110 formal responses to the consultation, which have been published where permission to do so was given. The CAA report that generally stakeholders were supportive of the proposed new process.

The CAA have published the changes that they have decided to make which will come into effect next year.

Full details can be found in CAP 1465.


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