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High profile use of the AOPA Strasser Scheme.

Bruce Dickinson, of Iron Maiden fame, made use of the Strasser Scheme to divert and land his replica Fokker Triplane at RAF Halton due to a low fuel emergency.


You can read more about the incident by following the links in this Flyer Forum topic.

This successful use of the scheme contrasts with reported problems when requests to divert to Farnborough, after a recent incident at Blackbushe, were refused.

The majority of UK Airfields have signed up to the Strasser Scheme, following 17 years of work by AOPA UK Vice President Charles Strasser. The scheme is available to all pilots, whether an AOPA member or not.

There are still 4 UK Airfileds who continue to refuse to sign up to the scheme; Bournemouth, London Luton, Lydd and Manchester.

Cardiff Airport joined the scheme in February 2015.

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