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CAA consultation launched on airspace change process guidance.

The purpose of this consultation is for the CAA to learn your views on new guidance that they have drafted to support a new airspace change decision-making process.

In March 2016 the CAA consulted on the principles of a new process that they were proposing. In October 2016 the CAA published their report on that consultation and set out the new process they are now introducing (CAP 1465, available online).

The guidance that has been drafted defines what will happen in the new process, including each stage a sponsor of an airspace change must complete; the stakeholders they must engage at each stage and CAA expectations of that engagement; and how the CAA assesses the proposed change.

Teh CAA are inviting your views as to whether the guidance is appropriate – including your views on whether their description of the stages of the process are comprehensible, transparent and proportionate.

Full details can be found on the CAA website HERE. The consultation questions can answered online from the link on that website. The CAA are asking for comments before 30 June 2017. They cannot commit to taking into account comments received after this date.

If you have any particular concerns about the proposals that you would like to raise via AOPA UK please email Martin Robinson by 20 June 2017.

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