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Plymouth Airport - end in sight to saga of Jodel emergency landing.

Subject to a satisfactory final inspection of the condition of the Jodel aircraft on Thursday 27 August 2015, SHH Holdings, leaseholders of the former Plymouth Airport site, have agreed to allow the aircraft to be flown out on Friday 28 August. Hopefully the weather will be suitable.


The aircraft made the landing in rapidly deteriorating weather conditions on Sunday 9th August and the pilot, an experienced flight instructor, made the sensible decision to make an emergency landing on the nearest suitable ground, the former Plymouth Airport. No-one has questioned this decision.

However, there then followed a drawn out saga to actually allow the aircraft to be flown out of the former airport. This has been widely reported elsewhere, and became a high profile publicity campaign by fellow pilots, Charles Strasser for AOPA and Brian Davies of  the LAA.

Lessons have been learned from this event and SHH Holdings say that they will be reviewing their protocols should there be any future emergency landings.

In his reply to Charles Strasser, Graham Miller, Chairman of SHH Holdings, says "Going forward I will be asking our executive team to update the protocol which will be used for emergency landings at the former airfield. Since Plymouth Airport closed in 2011, this is the first such landing which has taken place to our knowledge and we will be far better prepared for such an eventuality on a future occasion. That said we have to emphasise that this site is no longer a functioning airport and I'm sure you would join me in actively discouraging any non-emergency landing at the site which would needlessly endanger public safety."

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