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Acceptance of Training Gained Prior to 17 September 2012, Before Proceeding to a Skills Test.

The CAA have published Information Notice IN-2017/012 which explains the conditions for acceptance of training received prior to 17 September 2012 befoe proceeding to a Skills Test.

The notice applies to student pilots who started their training under the requirement of JAR-FCL 1 and 2 for PPL(A) or PPL(H) and sets a new cessation date which will be 30 September 2017. Pilots who started training for commercial licences should contact the ATO that undertook their  training, if they require further information.

If this concerns you then you should read the full document here.

In response to a query raised with the CAA by Nick Wilcock, on behalf of AOPA UK, the CAA have advised that acceptance of training gained prior to 17 Sep 2012 towards a Part-FCL licence will end on 30 Sep 2017 - the associated Skill Test must have been completed before then. However, acceptance of training gained prior to 17 Sep 2012 will still be allowed towards an NPPL.  If the NPPL is gained before 8 Apr 2018, it may be converted to a LAPL or PPL at a later date.

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