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Implementation of Performance Based Navigation

The CAA have published Information Notice IN-2017/026 which gives further information on the implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2016/539 Performance Based Navigation (PBN) that amends Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (the Aircrew Regulation).

The new PBN regulations will require the following:

  • From 25 August 2018 pilots may only fly in accordance with PBN routes and procedures after they have been granted PBN privileges as an endorsement to their Instrument Rating;
  • All pilots will need to have PBN privileges within their Instrument Rating (IR) or Enroute Instrument Rating (EIR) after 25 August 2020.
  • All Approved Training Organisations (ATO) conducting training for the addition of PBN privileges before 25 August 2020 must ensure that the training satisfies the flight and theoretical knowledge requirements stated in the Regulations.
  • ATOs must submit their application and amended ATO Manual(s) including their proposed training syllabus for approval before they conduct the training. See section 7.
  • As reference material, the ATO should refer to EASA Learning Objectives (AMC7 FCL.615(b)). Also, ICAO Doc 9613 provides additional guidance for pilot knowledge and training.
  • All ATOs conducting training for the IR1 or the EIR must ensure that the IR training courses they offer are compliant with the requirements of Annex I (Part-FCL) if the courses are due to complete on or after 25 August 2020.
  • The Head of Training (HT) at the ATO is responsible for ensuring that all their instructors are trained and hold the PBN endorsement on their licenses before they provide PBN instruction.
  • A Course Completion Certificate that confirms the pilot has received the required technical knowledge and flight training, as applicable, must be presented to the examiner before the Skills Test or proficiency check is undertaken.

The UK CAA will issue further information on the impact of the PBN regulations on the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC)/Instrument Rating (Restricted)(IR(R)) and update Standards Document 25 later in the year.

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