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Biggin Hill Airport Consultation - Proposed new IAP Runway 03.

At present, all flights approach the airport from the north-east using the airport’s precision guidance system but, in certain weather conditions (approximately 30% of the time), aircraft then have to circle the airport in order to land from the south-west.

The planned installation will avoid that circuit and permit aircraft arriving from the south-west to make a more direct approach, reducing the number of homes overflown and improving environmental performance by reducing the number of track miles flown.

Biggin Hill Airport are conducting a wide-ranging consultation with our neighbours, MPs, local government, local and special interest groups, airport and airspace users. The consultation – which will run until mid-February 2016 – is being conducted in accordance with the procedures laid down by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Cabinet Office.

Graphic illustration of the proposed flightpath:



Biggin Hill invite you to respond to the consultation as a constituency, local government, interest group or user group representative.  The consultation document can be accessed below. It is both detailed and technical, but we have provided. A set of questions and answers is available as well.

The consultation document is available here:
The Q and As can be viewed here:

The website pages will guide you in how to respond.

As above, Biggin Hill are looking for responses from interest groups or user group representatives. If, after reading the Biggin Hill information provided,  you would like your views as an individual to be considered in any response AOPA makes please email us with your views and contact information (Name. Telephone number and AOPA membership number if you are a member).

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