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Listening Squawks - November 2015.

Frequency Monitoring SSR Codes (also known as Squawk Codes) are in use for aircraft flying in the vicinity of: Belfast Aldergrove; Edinburgh; Glasgow;Leeds Bradford; Doncaster Sheffield; Manchester; East Midlands; Birmingham; Farnborough; Luton and Stansted; Gatwick and London City; Southampton and Bournemouth.

For details of the correct squawk and frequency as at November 2015 see below :

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This guide can be downloaded for printing here.

Further details are available at AIP ENR SSR Operating Procedures – Monitoring Codes.

Points to remember
■ Enter the appropriate listening squawk for the area, with Mode C if you have it
■ Tune into the appropriate frequency and listen out, without transmitting
■ Change back to 7000, with Mode C, if you have it, when leaving the area or
changing frequency

A listening squawk does NOT…
■ Clear you into controlled airspace
■ Mean that you are receiving any ATC service
■ If you need a service from ATC, contact either the appropriate LARS frequency or London/Scottish Information as required

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