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CAA Brief Aircraft Owners On New Maintenance Rules.

The CAA has begun advising owners of General Aviation aircraft certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) of changes to maintenance rules.

In the future owners of these aircraft not being flown commercially will have a number of maintenance options. The existing UK Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) will be phased out as it does not comply with EASA requirements.

The initial phase out of LAMP, covering EASA certificated aeroplanes with a maximum take off mass of 1,200kg or less, will begin in 2016. Owners have a choice of moving to:

  • EASA Part M requirements
  • The new Minimum Inspection Programme (MIP), where owners can self-declare their aircraft maintenance programme, or
  • A programme based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

Regardless of the option chosen it must be specific to the aircraft and include a declaration signed by the owner accepting full responsibility for the programme (if the maintenance programme is not developed by a maintenance organisation). The move should be completed by 31 January 2017.

Before making any decision maintenance organisations and engineers should be consulted on the best option. The CAA is in the process of briefing all Part M maintenance organisations on the changes.   

As a result of the changes an aircraft’s annual inspection and the issue of its Airworthiness Review Certificate can be done at the same time, by the same authorised engineer from the Part M Subpart F or Part 145 organisation, as long as the same engineer carries out the airworthiness review. The maintenance programme itself will also be subject to a review by the maintenance organisation to ensure it is appropriate.

A second phase out of LAMP covering EASA certificated aircraft with a maximum take off mass between 1,200kg and 2000kg (and helicopters certified for up to 4 occupants and up to 1200kg MTOM) will start in 2017 with a year to transfer. This is pending the release of Part M Light which is expected to introduce the new process for these aircraft. EASA aircraft between 2000kg and 2730kg will also be impacted.

The CAA has also committed to review the UK-specific rules for Annex II aircraft. The Light Aircraft Maintenance Schedule used by microlights, kit-builds etc may also be aligned to Part-M rules as a result.

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