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PPR at Biggin Hill from 1st January 2016:

London Biggin Hill Airport will be introducing a requirement from 1st January 2016 next year that  all non-flight planned aircraft movements be pre-notified to Air Traffic Control.

Peter Mirams, the airport’s Air Traffic Services Manager explains the background to the new arrangement;

“The need to introduce a permanent PPR status has been brought about by the increasingly complex task of integrating general aviation flights with corporate and business arrivals and departures.  The benefit of PPR will be that ATC is able to pre-plan for busy periods of demand and this will result in fewer delays for all users” he said.

The PPR booking system will have a dedicated website for 24/7 access – or via a link on the airport’s website   

The website is already ‘live’ for the benefit of users although the PPR requirement is not mandatory until 1st January.

PPR requests must be filed on the system with a minimum notice of 30 minutes before arrival or departure.

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