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Stratford-upon-Avon Herald: Save Wellesbourne Airfield Campaign.

The Stratford-upon-Avon Herald has started a campaign to help save Wellesbourne Airfield from closure and development for housing. Airfield businesses have been served with notice to cease trading by 24 December 2016. This story will also be covered in the February 2016 issue of the Aircraft Owner and Pilot magazine, and future issues as the campaign develops.

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald editor Amanda Chalmers said: "After news of the eviction notices reached us, the significance of this story very quickly became apparent. Wellesbourne airfield is no less than an institution to locals for both its historic relevance and commercial importance. As the local newspaper we knew we could not just sit by and allow this to happen without a fight, so have launched a campaign spotlighting the many groups and individuals for whom this land plays a huge part in their lives. We accept that more housing is needed in this area, but is no land sacred? We believe it is."

The campaign started with two news items in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald:

A campaign website has been set up and will be kept up to date. You may follow the campaign website here, or see the inset webpage below.

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