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Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace (RCSA): Raising Base of Controlled Airspace Solent CTA-6.

The FAS VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG) has submitted a proposal to the CAA’s Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG) for the disestablishment of a portion of controlled airspace within Solent CTA-6 in accordance with its policy for RCSA.  The purpose of this notice is to provide an overview of the roposal and SARG’s subsequent decision.  

Solent CTA-6 comprises a triangular fillet of Class D controlled airspace on the eastern side of the Solent CTA complex between 2500 - 5500ft above mean sea level (amsl):


The FASVIG proposal involves the raising of the base of CTA-6 to 3000ft amsl, releasing the Class D airspace beneath this altitude to Class G.  In line with RCSA, FASVIG has provided full details of the release of the airspace and conducted a consultation with both local and national airspace stakeholders, including the controlling authority for the airspace, Solent Radar.  SARG are content that that there will be no adverse flight safety impact on those aircraft operating in the released airspace.  SARG is equally content that there will be no notable operational impact on commercial aircraft operations in the area and that the requirements of airspace users will not be adversely effected.   Indeed, the release of this airspace to Class G will, to some extent, relieve the funnelling of traffic in the vicinity of the Solent CTA, Lee-on-Solent aerodrome and adjacent airspace structures.

As the airspace will revert to Class G airspace, it is not possible to predict the number of pilots who will choose to fly in the released airspace or to wholly determine what activity there may be, but it is assessed that an overall increase in traffic levels is unlikely. 

SARG are content that the proposed release of airspace to Class G has been undertaken in line with the principles of RCSA Policy and that appropriate actions are in place to ensure a safe transition for airspace users and adjacent aerodromes.  Promulgation of the change will be through the AIRAC publishing schedule.  Given the nature of the new airspace arrangements and consistent with RCSA Policy, it is unlikely that a review of the effectiveness of the airspace
release will be required.

The chart above shows the extant Solent CTA structure; Solent CTA areas will be renumbered as Solent CTA-6 and CTA-7 will both extend from 3000 - 5500ft amsl. Implementation of the change will be at AIRAC 06/2016 on 26th  May 2016.

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