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Edinburgh Airport flight path consultation -

Edinburgh Airport has today launched a consultation seeking views on the potential impact of altering flight paths above Edinburgh and the surrounding areas to allow for maximum operational benefits and to minimise community impact.
The airport is the busiest in Scotland and has experienced more growth the in the past three years than it did in the 10 years prior.
Edinburghs' airspace was designed in the 1970s when the airport had around 1 million passengers per year.
Regulations that cover modernising airspace means that Edinburgh are obliged to engage in an Airspace Change Programme (ACP). This ACP involves a two stage consultation process; firstly, launching today, and for 14 weeks up to 12 September Edinburgh Airport aim to gather views from the public.
The results of this initial consultation will help guide the design and development of potential future flight path options which will be presented in a second consultation stage which is scheduled to commence on December 16.
Read more here.
The full consulation document can be found here.

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