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"BREXIT" and GA.

So the voters decided that leaving the European Union was the best thing to do for the future Britain but the exit process will not be done overnight.  Under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty the exiting State must, before pushing the exit button, follow national procedures which in our case is through an Act of Parliament, which could end up being vetoed.

Personally, I have mixed views but, on balance, I think being in Europe and renegotiating how Europe should service its citizens would have been the correct thing to do. If you are not a Member of the Club you cannot expect to vote on how the Club is run.

The UK will still be part of the EASA system which means that for many aircraft owners, flying clubs and pilots there will be no change.  In fact the UK will be in a similar position to that of Norway and Switzerland where we will no longer be able to influence proposed rules but will still have to comply with them.  So, what’s the point in leaving?

This is the question that is being asked by most GA pilots currently – “Will Brexit mean that we can leave EASA?”  Answer:  No!

I find it strange that the arguments were being made about “unelected officials in Brussels making up the rules” and unaccountable individuals telling us what we have to do – well, it is the same here in Whitehall – the Civil Service advises Government on many topics from schools to NHS from roads to airports.  Do not be fooled into thinking that we have more ability with our own system – we do not, I could quote many examples but it is probably best left unsaid.

In some ways GA may be ok because we have already been through lots of changes, but what we do not know is how our freedom of movement may be affected?

However, our ability to influence directly on Regulations and Rules will diminish over the next two years!

Martin Robinson

Note: There are currently 31 Member Sates of EASA. The (currently) 28 EU Memebr States plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

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