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Hangar Homes - Lee-on-Solent Airport Planning Application: Your Support Needed

Hangar Homes Developer, Peter Day, has submitted a full planning application from Hangar Homes at Lee-on-Solent Airport.

Gaining planning approval at Lee-on-Solent is important to determine whether plans for other Airfield developments will be pursued, giving potential new income streams at Airfields for either permanent or holiday homes for Pilot's and their families or friends.

Peter would welcome support from the Pilot Community to this first planning application by the end of December 2017, as the application is likely to be determined mid-January 2018. Peter says; "What would really help in getting this planning application accepted, would be positive comment from Pilot's on the planning application. An endorsement from Pilot's would help enormously in getting planning permission, and if accepted then I believe that hangar homes would breath new life into GA airfields and GA generally, as they have done in the USA and mainland Europe. "

You can find out more about Hangar Homes here.

The planning application and how to comment can be found here.

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