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8.33kHz Radios and Continued Use of 25kHz Radios

Following a discussion between Nick Wilcock, for AOPA, and the CAA in respect of continued confusion about the introduction of 8.33 kHz Radios and the continued use of 25 kHz radios.

The CAA have provided additonal information and guidance on their website here.

The precise method by which changes in ground station frequencies / channels will be publicised has yet to be confirmed.  However, AOPA have been advised that it is likely that all changes and effective dates will be promulgated in an IAIP supplement, with as much advance information being given as possible.

Nick has summarised his discussion:

  • If you need to communicate on an 8.33 kHz channel, you may only do so using an 8.33-compliant radio. (From 1 January 2018)
  • Until 31 Dec 2018, you may continue to use a 25 kHz-only radio if none of the ground stations with whom you need to communicate have yet converted to 8.33 operation.
  • Ground services (including LARS and AFIS) will be converting to 8.33 kHz channels during 2018.

A small number of frequencies, as listed in CAP 1606, will remain exempt from 8.33 requirements within the stated periods of time.

There is still funding available towards the fitting of 8.33-compliant aircraft radios, whether permanently installed or hand-held. However, applications must have been received by the CAA by 31 Dec 2017.

Those who wish to gamble on the granting of an extension to the funding period do so at their own risk!


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