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1 Year


2 Year

+ Aircrew Photo Card

Direct Debit Only N/A N Y N N
Representation from the World’s largest GA Organisation Y Y Y Y Y
Help keep GA Strong; Now and for Future generations Y Y Y Y Y
Personal Advice and Support for Aviation Related Matters Y N Y Y Y
Access to Member Offers Y Y Y Y Y
Receive AOPA Magazine Y Y Y Y Y
*Receive AOPA UK Enewsletters Y Y Y Y Y
*Receive Member Commercial Offers by Email Y Y Y Y Y
**Access Digital version of AOPA Magazine Y Y Y Y Y
Advertise your Aircraft & Shares FREE on AOPA website N N Y Y Y
Instructors and Examiners advertise services FREE on AOPA Website N N Y Y Y
**Full access to the AOPA UK website Y Y Y Y Y
Photo Aircrew Card N N N N Y
Discount for AOPA FI Seminars N N N N Y
Membership Rates £0 £65

£10 per Month

(Minimum 12 Payments)


£230 (non-Direct Debit)

2 Instalments of £115 by Direct Debit

* If you remain subscribed to the separate Mailing lists and advise any change of Email address

**When logged in to the AOPA UK website with member level access

Student Membership: Expires on issue of your first Pilot Licence or after 2 Years, whichever is the earlier. if you upgrade to Pilot or Instructor member when your Student Membership expires you will get a £20 discount on Pilot or Instructor Membership if you use the online Student Upgrade option.

Monthly Membership: The higher annual cost of this option reflects the additional administration costs. You are signing up for a 1 Year recurring membership, paid by monthly Direct Debit subscription. You are agreeing to make a minimum of 12 payments in each year that you are a member. On the anniversary of your membership you will be reminded that your monthly membership will automatically renew UNLESS you instruct AOPA othwerwise.

2 Year Membership: If you pay by Direct Debit you will pay in two equal instalments; the first on joining and the second 1 Year later. Membership includes an Air Crew Photo Card (subject to you providing a suitable photograph)

AOPA UK is the trading name of the British Light Aviation Centre Ltd, a not from profit organisation. In the unlikely event of the company being wound up Members, current or within a year of ceasing to be a member, may be required to contribute up to £1 towards any debts or liabilities contracted before you ceased to be a member.

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