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Skyrora to launch Sounding Rocket - Kildermorie Estate Northern Scotland

Skyrora are a launch vehicle development company headquartered in Edinburgh. Their main goal is to design and manufacture orbital launch vehicles for small satellites in line with the plans of the UK government, to be launched from a future launchpad in a coastal region of northern Scotland. In the meantime, Skyrora’s strategy is to take a step-by-step incremental approach which allows them to de-risk and gain experience as they develop over the next few years.

Skyrora is currently going through a process with the Civil Aviation Authority, and will launch a small vehicle, which is typically referred to as a "sounding" rocket, which will be used to test the electronic equipment including a GPS tracker and a high-performance video camera. The launch vehicle is 4 metres in length and has a diameter of 10 centimetre - this is roughly the same size as amateur rockets which are regularly launched in different parts of the UK.

The provisional date for the launch, depending on CAA approval, is currently in the week beginning 25th March 2019 from the Kildermorie Estate. It will travel to an altitude of around 30km and we have conducted a thorough analysis of the flight path and trajectory of this vehicle. We expect that the first stage of the vehicle will reach an altitude of 8km before separating from the second stage and returning to the ground via parachute, approximately 1km to the west of the launch site. The second stage will continue to an altitude of 30km before returning to the ground via parachute, landing approximately 3km to the west and 1.5km north of the launch site. As with our launch last year, we expect that all parts of the vehicle will land within the boundaries of the Kildermorie Estate and will cause no disruption to neighbouring land owners.

If you have any queries or would like to find out any further information with relation to their plans, you can get in touch by phone or email:

Tel: +44 (0) 131 285 8207



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