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ORS4 1542: Pilot Medical Declaration sub 2000kg (National Licences)

The UK CAA have published ORS4 No 1542 Allowing certain licence holders to take advantage of the alternative disqualifying medical criteria when making a Pilot Medical Declaration which supersedes ORS4 No 1486.

This provides an exemption to enable pilots who hold a licence issued in accordance with article 152 of the Order to make a Pilot Medical Declaration in accordance with Article 163(3) of the Order and to operate aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of 2000kg or less to alternative disqualifying medical condition than those listed in Article 163(6) of the Order when, subject to the conditions specified, until 30 April 2023.

It applies to holders of the following licences issued under Article 152 of the Order:

a) Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL);
b) National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL);

c) Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) Balloons that is restricted to commercial
operation and the privileges of a PPL (Balloons and Airships).

This exemption is subject to the following conditions:

a) The licences specified in paragraph 4 must have been issued by the CAA or on behalf of the CAA.

b) Licence holders must only operate flights:

i) in a United Kingdom (G) registered UK aircraft:

ii) in the following areas:

1) within the United Kingdom; or

2) with the permission of the relevant authority, in the airspace of another country, or

3) with the permission of the relevant authority, within a Crown Dependency.

iii) in day or night Visual Flight Rules (‘VFR’), unless exercising the privileges of the Instrument Meteorology Conditions (IMC) Rating.

iv) for which they hold the appropriate and valid class or type rating.

v) must not make a Pilot Medical Declaration unless they reasonably believe that they meet the medical requirements for a Group 1 (Car) Licence issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and are not taking medication for any psychiatric illness.

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