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2024 Membership Rates

AOPA membership rates were last increased in 2022 for non-Direct Debit payers and payments by Direct Debit (DD) were last increased in 2019.

At the last Board meeting membership rates for 2024 were reviewed against the rising costs being experienced by the business, with the inevitable conclusion that membership rates would have to be raised. The Board agreed to limit the overall increase to around 5%. From 1 January 2024 the revised rates will be:

 Individual Membership & Payment Current Rate 2024 Rate
 Student Pilot FREE  FREE
 1 Year Pilot or Instructor (non-Direct Debit) £105 £110
 1 Year Associate (non-Direct Debit) £75 £80
 2 Year Pilot or Instructor (non-Direct Debit) £240 £250
 1 Year Pilot or Instructor (Direct Debit) £99 £105
 1 Year Pilot or Instructor (Monthly Subscription Option) £10 per Month £10 per Month
 1 Year Associate (Direct Debit) £75 £80
 *2 Year Pilot or Instructor (Direct Debit - Annual Payment) £115  £120
* Increase will apply from membership expiry.    
Corporate Membership Current Rate 2024 Rate
Small Corporate (Basic Rate - inc VAT) £285 £300
Large Corporate (Basic Rate - inc VAT) £475 £500

GoCardless Payers:

In preparation for the increase, we have updated your payment plan if you are due to renew in 2024. GoCardless will have nortified you that your payment will be changed from the next payment. You will NOT be charged the higher rate until your renewal date and you approve the payment. AOPA will also email a reminder to you in advance.

It is regretable that we have had to announce this increase, which we have kept to an absolute minimum.


Martin Robinson



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